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What is Dance Therapy?
Dance therapy also known as dance movement therapy uses movement and natural rhythms within all of us. It can help children and adults feel better about work, colleagues, and relationships.

It developed in the US in the 1940s and uses improvised, spontaneous creative movement to enable people become more in touch with themselves. It is based on the principle that a vital connection exists between personality and the way in which one moves, and that changes in movement affects the emotional, intellectual, and physical health of the individual. Dance therapy helps promote change and growth in many ways.


The dance therapist’s role
A dance therapist has a Master’s level education that includes a background in psychology and developmental assessment. Practitioners are focused on the holistic care of mind and body and assist a person to work through problems using movement analysis, dance techniques and therapeutic interaction and interventions. The focus is to help individuals to improve self esteem, body image, release tension, gain insight and create new options for coping with problems.

how the session works BENEFITS
Physical level
Increases circulation, deepens breathing and reduces muscle tension.


Mental Level
Calms the mind and opens up new ways of thinking.


Emotional Level
Releases negative emotions and promotes positive qualities.


The Dance Therapy Centre is part of Safer Solutions Limited Registered in England No. 05206610


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